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F*ck Yeah Stav Strashko

Dedicated to up-and-coming model Stav Strashko. :)

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Jan 21 '14

What should I do?

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I don’t post much anymore. That’s because up until now I’ve tried to only post pictures once. However, I’d like to post more - but that would mean duplicate pictures would be okay to post on this blog. Is that okay with everyone? Or would you all prefer I only post when I have something new? I want this to be a blog everyone is happy with, not just me, so please feel free to weigh in. Thank you, and I love you all. ^_^

Feb 27 '13

Stav ‘s diet and Work out Regime

What is Stav ‘s diet and workout regime ?

(Question from Gautam)

I have no idea, I’m afraid. If he ever mentions it anywhere, I’ll post it here. :)